MV-Plan Dive Planner

A multi-platform m-value gradient decompression program


  • Written in Java(tm) so runs on PC, Mac, Linux or any computer supporting Java Runtime 1.5+
  • Buhlmann ZHL16B and ZHL16C algorithm with m-value gradient conservatism as devised by Erik Baker
  • Open and closed circuit
  • Nitrox and Trimix gases
  • Bailout calculations with gas volumes
  • Adjustable gradient factors, stop depths and levels, RMV, Altitude look
  • Repetitive diving via saving tissue state to disk
  • Imperial and Metric units
  • Produces ready-to-laminate dive tables look, and multi profile tables look
  • English, French and Italian languages. (Contact me if you wish to help with translation to other lanuguages).
  • Free! and Open Source


new version 1.8


Any computer supporting Java Runtime 1.5+

MV-Plan is experimental software and subject to the Conditions of Use